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A One-Woman Skit

Early this month, I had the honor of performing a one-woman skit at my church Power and Faith Ministries’ Annual Women’s Conference.  Although it was not the first time I had acted—–even in a skit by myself—–it was the first time I had performed in a skit I created all on my own.

A One Woman Skit Pic1

When my mom asked me to do a skit based on the conference’s theme, “Wise Women Build”, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  I had already decided that 2016 is the year I am going to branch out and create my own projects.  Once upon a time, maybe even as early as last year, I would have been reluctant, suggesting that my mom write the skit for me.  After all, she had written skits and plays for me in the past.  However, I knew that this time I needed to say yes and accept the challenge!

For many, writing skits and plays comes naturally.  But, for me, not so much!  The challenge wasn’t because I couldn’t do it, but because I had never taken the time to do so.  It was always easier for me to have someone hand me an already completed script.  All I had to do then was concentrate on memorizing the lines and bringing the character to life.

A One Woman Skit Pic2

To write my own script means to reach beyond just learning lines.  I now have to look at the world around me and consider my many encounters along the way, in order to create characters and stories that mimic my experiences and observations.  Although this new challenge was fun, it was also a little scary.

*Will people like my skit?

*Will it be funny or just corny?

*Will it be dramatic enough?

*Will the audience be able to connect with the characters?

*Will it even make sense?

In spite of the questions floating around in my head, I chose to step out on faith in God and in the gift He has given me.

When I first sat down in front of the computer, I asked God to write through me.  And He did just that!  The setting, characters and dialogue came to me at the snap of a finger!  It was exhilarating and liberating!  I was finally creating my own project without struggle.  In fact, I was writing so much, I had to remind myself that I was asked to write a skit, not a four act play!

The night I premiered my skit was the moment of truth, and boy was I nervous!  I wasn’t nervous about acting, but about how well my writing would be received.  Although I believed the script was good with the right amount of humor and drama mixed in, the audience’s reaction would tell the truth!  The response was overwhelming!  They even laughed during what was meant to be the funny moments.  By the end of the church service, I had received much praise from members of the congregation.  Some even suggested that I turn it into a one-woman show (I’ll be working on that soon).  One woman, in particular, said that she was able to relate to the character, while another requested that I perform it at an upcoming conference.

For the past couple of years, God had been telling me to write.  However, due to a lack of confidence and fear of the unknown, I wouldn’t do it.  Needless to say, because of His undying love, God allowed things around me to come to a halt in order to get my attention.  Well God………….You have my attention!!!  And now that I’m writing, there’s no time to stop or even slow down!  Someone, somewhere needs to hear MY story!


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